From the timeless craftsmanship of the Swarovski Group, comes a new line of fashion jewelry with a decidedly modern sensibility. Now available at select French retailers, ADORE by Swarovski will be available for purchase online as of Spring 2016.

The ADORE collection celebrates contemporary design and innovation while honoring Swarovski’s long-standing commitment to luxury and superior craftsmanship.

Swarovski’s 120-year old European heritage has once again evolved to fit the tastes of the contemporary woman with wearable, enduring pieces sourced from the highest-quality materials.

ADORE features a broad assortment of feminine, chic accents that exude elegance and allure. Ageless, effortless, and refined, ADORE gives you the confidence to bring out the brilliance in your everyday life.


Born in Austria in 1895, Swarovski began as a simple crystal company when Daniel Swarovski invented a revolutionary machine that allowed crystals to be cut more precisely, for a clear, unparalleled sparkle. His hope for the budding business was to spread joy to people all over the world by sharing the beauty of quality crystals. Today, we manufacturer, market, and sell premium jewelry and products ranging from decorative objects to lighting and accessories— all with that signature sparkle. For well over 100 years, Swarovski’s goal “to constantly improve what is good,” has kept us at the forefront of technological innovation. The trusted Swarovski name has become synonymous with sophistication, luxury, and celebration.