Q&A With @takeheartuk


We sat down with blogger Tabitha Warley to learn more about her love for fashion, her biggest indulgence and her favourite ADORE Jewellry styles.

1. Favourite country you have traveled to? 

I'm torn between Croatia and Morocco. Both are filled with colourful, beautiful landscapes, and rich in culture and history.

2. How do you describe your personal style? 

Colourful, easy and comfortable.

3. What is one thing people would be surprised to learn about you?

I work in finance, but I never even got my Math's GCSE!

4. When did your love for fashion begin?

From the age of 13, I would obsess over America's Next Top Model. However, being 5ft 6in, and battling acne and frizzy hair, I had to deal with the realization that I was never going to become a model. However, now having the ability to create my own content for my blog allows me to channel my inner Tyra Banks, and share my style and love for fashion as a regular woman. 

5. What is your biggest indulgence?

Baked Camembert with crusty bread . . fashion might be my first love but cheese is definitely a close second.

6. What is in your jewellry box?

I actually don't have a lot of jewellery, just key pieces I can't live without: 3 watches, 4 rings, 2 pairs of gold hoops, my silver cross necklace, and a gold bracelet. Now that I've listed it, it does seem like a lot, doesn't it?!

7. Do you prefer gold or rose gold?

Gold... but lately I've been loving mixing metals; gold, rose gold and silver together!

8. What’s the one piece of jewellry you never leave the house without? 

I can't leave the house without a watch - my wrist feels funny without it!

9. How would you describe your ideal way to accessorize an outfit?

The standard rule is that once you feel fully dressed, look in the mirror and take one thing off. I couldn't disagree more. Wear ALL the accessories! Dress how you feel and don't worry about what anyone else may think. 

10. What jewellry do you currently ADORE?

My top picks I currently adore come from the Interlocking Rings collection. I love the use of mixed metal paired with minimal Swarovski Crystals. This collection is delicate, while still making a statement.